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Paleo Craze or Just Crazy? Let’s Find out! 2

Aloha My Dears,

This Work Out Wednesday,  I wanted to share a new diet that I recently discovered when I was finishing up my intern year in Upstate NY. It is called the Paleo diet. I don’t think that calling it a diet is appropriate, it is definitely a way of life. It is clean eating at it’s best. I’m not advocating it in any way, yet. So, what is Paleo Living? A definition from Living Paleo for Dummies: A Cheat Sheet says:

“Living Paleo means eating all-natural, real foods that support steady blood sugar levels and eliminate inflammation inside the body. Living Paleo also means knowing how to estimate the right amount of food for your needs, stocking your kitchen with Paleo-friendly foods, and cooking healthful meals at home.”

So…what does this mean?

Simply, do this:

-Center your meals around animal protein sources, vegetables, fruits, and naturally occurring, high-quality fat sources.

-Eat grass-fed, organic, pasture-raised meat and poultry and wild-caught fish and seafood.

-Eat your fruits and veggies.

-Love your naturally occurring fats, including coconut products (milk, flakes, butter, and oil), avocados, olives, and olive oil.

-Eat protein, vegetables, fruits, and fats to satisfaction, rather than to the state of being “full” or “stuffed.”

Simply, don’t do this:

-No gluten and grains, including wheat, rice, corn, quinoa, buckwheat, barley, spelt, and oats.

-No seed and industrial oils, including canola, soy, and corn.

-No dairy, including milk, cream, half-and-half, cheese, and yogurt

-No processed and packaged foods.

-No added sugars and artificial sweeteners. (The naturally occurring sugar in fruit is okay.)



This sounds pretty strict. Can someone really do this and still eat deliciousness? Can you lose weight with this lifestyle? Let’s find out together! Over the next 21 days, starting Monday 9/16/13, I’m going Paleo. I will be featuring recipes and more insight into the philosophy behind Paleo living. I will end the 21 days with a personal interview from WeArePrimalTwo, a Paleo living expert duo that is taking the social media by storm.

Until Tomorrow Loves,


-Thoughts and Prayers for all those lost and whose lives will never be the same, #neverforget 9/11.


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